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Making South Carolina a better place to live, work, and eat.


Our Mission

GrowingSC's mission is to improve the economic efficiency and health of impoverished areas of South Carolina. We do this by providing fresh, locally-grown South Carolina produce straight to your door, sourced from farmers in areas of poverty.

Functionally, we're a business development nonprofit specializing in market entry and agricultural distribution throughout our state. We work with local farmers and small businesses in Persistent Poverty Counties to increase the reach of their supply chains, while increasing nutritious food availability within metropolitan areas, towns, and food deserts. 

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Our Products

We'll soon be able to deliver produce straight to your door. We get our produce from farmers located in small communities and Persistent Poverty Counties of South Carolina.

Each box of our produce will include made to order quantities of South Carolina fruits, vegetables, and livestock yields as well as information about the farmer who grew it.  We want you to know where your food is coming from - so we'll include a note from your farmer including a short biography, location of their farm, and how long they've been in business (We also include any recipes they decide to pass on).

All of our products are sourced locally, even the boxes they come in, ensuring that your purchase is delivered fresh and has maximum impact in an impoverished economy. 

All profits go towards providing economic opportunity and increasing food security in these areas.

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Where We Work

We work in areas of poverty known as Persistent Poverty Counties. These regions are large, often rural sections of the United States that have had more that 30% poverty consistently in the last 30 years. 

Often times, these areas are also classified as "food deserts", meaning that a sizable amount of their population does not have access to fresh fruits and vegetables - and that they are at risk for malnutrition, diabetes, and many other health concerns. Part of our work is to make produce more affordable and available to these areas.

As of 2018, 13 of South Carolina's 46 counties were considered "persistently poor" - more than 25% of the state. We are working to remedy this through investing into the natural proficiencies of these areas.

If you would like to support our organization and our communities without buying our produce, you can donate below or under the "Donate" section above. You can also get involved with our community projects by reaching out in the "Contact" section above.

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