Our Business Model

We operate in a three-step process towards bettering our communities and providing you with the highest-quality produce.


Agribusiness Development  

We consult with farmers on the problems they face when working on the "business" portion of their agribusiness. This might include reaching new markets, lack of cash for new projects, barriers to supply chain development, ways to improve their inventory management, or simply how to distribute their products.

We help farmers to build their business capacity and aid in seeking out new markets for their produce (which may be up to 50% of a farmer’s yield without a suitable market). We support reaching major metropolitan areas of South Carolina through generating demand, creating distribution networks, and even helping farmers to tap into poorer, isolated areas within their own communities.



Product Distribution

Farmers act as our suppliers, providing locally grown produce that we distribute and sell to consumers through our website, partner companies, and distribution network – where we ship your order to your door in less than three days. Orders provide additional income for our farming partners and generate a source of revenue that we invest into communities and use to cover our costs.

We get to know our farmers personally through working with them; thereby assuring the quality of their produce. This includes learning about their farm size, location, crop and livestock specializations, certifications, and some personal information. We pass this along to you in the form of a note from your farmer that comes with every order.

Every component of our orders is sourced from impoverished areas of South Carolina, including the boxes our orders come in (Sourced from Collum's Lumber in Allendale, SC). We ensure maximum investment of your purchase into the communities in which we work. 

Revenue generated from orders goes towards subsidizing costs of produce in food deserts – providing an affordable and healthy source of food for those living in poverty. For example, if farmers charge $1 for an apple, we may be able to subsidize half the cost from a portion of your order, making healthy food that much more affordable for those in food deserts.

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Community Investment

After paying our farmers and covering our overhead costs, GrowingSC invests all profits earned from orders and donations back into the communities in which we work. We partner with community groups, development associations, private charities, universities, and many more organizations to ensure maximum stakeholder representation and impact. 

Funds go towards sustainable economic development projects including: citywide beautification efforts, small business development, entrepreneurial ventures, and community projects such as community gardens and food drives. We do this with the intention of creating jobs, investment opportunities, and economic drivers that making our state a better place to live in.

Our mission is to provide a scalable model for economic development and food security for all Persistent Poverty Counties in South Carolina.

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